How to Ping or do a Trace Route - Windows 10

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Go to the desktop of Windows 10.Right-click on the Start button (see screenshot to the left).

You can also bring up the Run window by pressing "Windows / r" on your keyboard.
The command window appears. To ping a website, at the command prompt, type "ping" and press enter on your keyboard.

The first ping works and you are able to see the results (see screenshot).

The second ping in the screenshot fails and times out.*

* Because the ping fails does not mean the website is down. Lots of websites these days will disable pings to their websites in order to cut down on DDoS attacks (Denial of Service).
To do a Trace Route (tracert) simply type "tracert" at the command prompt (see screenshot to the left).
After right clicking the Start icon you will see a pop-up menu. Click Run (see screenshot to the left).

Now type "cmd" (no quotes) in the Run window that appears (see screenshot below).