Your thoughts about Windows 10? Is it great?
Discuss it here. And anything else you like.

Windows 10 screenshots are now on the server. I was told (around the Internet tech sites) that the copy I had was RTM so I went ahead and got screenshots ready. Hope nothing changes between today and tomorrow. If you happen to see any differences let me know at The new browser, Edge, is ready as well. Along with Mail. Hope you like it. I think it is a great OS, more like Windows 7 with some modern updates. Tablet version soon.

Attention! See How Do I? section for how to find the Control Panel on Windows 8. Also, how to create a dial-up connection and how to add & edit mail using Windows 8. If you are having problems finding something using Windows 8 (or any other supported app), send me an email and I will add your problem to the How Do I? section if possible. Thanks to all for your continued support.

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