iOS 10 screenshots are now on the site.
These screenshots were taken with an iphone 6.
iOS 10 for iPad and macOS Sierra soon.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is out and screenshots are available. Still have a few things to do. Need to update Windows Mail and to see if all the Control Panel screenshots are the same. But for the most part it's finshed. If you see any problems let me know. Screenshots for Edge v38 are on the website. Check the Browsers menu for them.  Also, there's a new menu item - TVs. Anything pertaining to your TV will be listed there. If you're looking for Apple TV, Chromecast for iPhone or Roku 4 these apps have been moved to that location. Lots of new things will be added, as always, to the site in 2016. If I overlook something you need, send me an email to let me know. Thanks for your patronage.

See How Do I? section for how to find the Control Panel on Windows 8. Also, how to create a dial-up connection and how to add & edit mail using Windows 8. If you are having problems finding something using Windows 8 (or any other supported app), send me an email & remove all 4s and I will add your problem to the How Do I? section if possible. Thanks to all for your continued support.

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Mac OS Sierra!

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iOS 10!

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